Thursday , February 15 2018

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Want to charge your smartphone faster?

Listen or not, but the battery of most smartphones does not last until the morning is charged and it has to be re-installed on the charger. And it is often believed to be a smartphone for battery charging for a short time. But it is not true, charging the battery …

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Charging the battery all night is harmful

Most people put their smartphones on charge before charging and make it habitually. The smartphone battery always seems to be over and over, and charging during sleeping gives full charge of the device when people wake up. But often doing this negatively impact on lithium-ion batteries. read more:Top 6 Powerful …

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Are you charging smartphones properly?

We feel that the battery of our smartphone is very bad because it can hardly reach one day. But because of this, not our device but we are ourselves who always charge it wrongly. Yes, most of us believe that charging more damages batteries on a long-term basis, that is …

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Top 6 Powerful battery with smartphones

Top 6 Smartphones are like everyone nowadays, but the biggest problem of these devices is their batteries whose charging ends soon, especially at the time of need. Usually, a smartphone uses a hard drive in moderate use, but if you use it most often it has to be charged. After …

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Would you like to eat Bombay Briani?

India is the only rival country, but there is no doubt that many traditions of Pakistan and India are the same. In the culture of both countries, where unity is seen, there are many things in the two countries’ foods. Foods from Bombay and Delhi are from Karachi to Lahore …

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