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Hollywood Movie Beauty And The Beast

Controversial scenes filmed, Kuwait banned the film “Beauty and the Beast”

Box office Kuwait’s private cinema company on the sidelines Up box office has given 357 million dollars to the beauty and the Best business banned because of the controversial film scenes agreement includes homosexuality based materials in the film that took the stand which will lead to the destruction of the youth ethic. We will be allowed to film in the country after the sex scenes offline. According to the present moments of homosexuality in Beauty and the Beast has been heated front against the film worldwide. National Cinema Company Kuwait has for Beauty and the Beast in Kuwait which has been closed immoral scenes filmed in the movie that the statement on his Twitter account to inform their customers are adversely impact on the youth of Ethics will be exhibited., company said previously that after theirs on media exposure to film editing in Kuwait will remain a Disputed. The administration argued that the film displays the filming of the movie editing in Malaysia before the exhibition areas for the banning homosexuality. The scenes will not be removed.

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