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Samsung Introduces submitted excellent option

because you will not need to touch it to use your Samsung mobile …

SEOUL (IANS) Google’s Siri artificial intelligence of a feature Google Assistant, and Apple (Siri) very very popularly. Now Samsung has introduced its competitors also get their own artificial intelligence striking feature for companies competing for boxes have been named Bai (Bixby). Mail Line reported boxes will also contain Bai “visual search” capability, ie after this feature to increase your Samsung will be smart things and be able to analyze different materials and writing will be able to read.

The company’s digital voice assistant named Bai boxes is going to introduce its new Galaxy S 8. This feature will also be integrated with the applications users will be able to go through the applications and will assist, the user simply touches your voice without running the mobile phone via voice users. the boxes can be activated via the bypass that is.

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