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Huawei P9 Review

Huawei has been out of the game even though they have been trying from the last few years, but things are changing, and this trend is not slowing down. After the blockbuster Nexus 6P Smartphone that had one of the best cameras, display & battery last year, this year the brand has launched the P9.

Design, Display and Features:

Starting off with the Design, this is by far the Most Beautiful Smartphone I have used this year. Earlier the Galaxy S7 was leading but with the easy to break glass panel, S7 series loses here & the Huawei P9 wins in this area. The device comes with a slim form factor with just 6.95 mm thickness that all within an Aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body ensuring that with those regular drops you cannot expect the phone to break. The Phone comes with an ergonomic design with a 5.2-inch full HD display.With 3GB of RAM along with a storage expansion slot that gives you additional storage apart from the internal 32GB, this device should do a decent job for storing all your personal files.

Dual- Cameras:

Most important feature of this Smartphone which is the dual 12MP cameras that are truly a DSLR replacement for amateurs. The first sensor captures photos regularly, while the second captures only in black-and-white hence it absorbs twice the light and the final capture comes out with a noise-free shot. With the partnership with Leica
On the front side, there an 8MP F2.2 camera that could be used for video calls or for the selfies you capture.
Night Mode: This is another very important mode you need to take a look at. Any photo captured in the Night Mode would still do injustice because the results are not that great.

Overall Conclusion:

The Huawei P9 is one of the Best Camera Smartphones out there and the above Camera Samples obviously demonstrates what the brand had guaranteed. In any case, before you plan to buy the same, do make a note that it is 2016 and the gadget still misses the Fast Charging Mode which is an unquestionable requirement to-go highlight each top notch lead ought to incorporate. Aside from this the telephone additionally misses the discretionary remote charging alternative that they ought to have executed. The plan, frame calculate, battery and the show are all impeccably set for a top notch gadget that keeps up to what you look for, aside from the product UI that normally most clients would change to the Google launcher for simple route and this is something the brand Huawei ought to this take as a criticism and offer it is their cutting edge gadget.

Generally at a cost of Rs 39,990 this telephone is by all accounts evaluated a little on the higher side, since the Galaxy S7 is accessible at around Rs 45,000 and that is the main rival to this telephone, while if the P9 was accessible at a value section between Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 it would have made it a sweet offer due to the splendid camera and the lovely outline. On the off chance that you are in for a Camera Smartphone then without squinting your eye you ought to buy the P9, yet from the execution and programming perspective, you have to take a qualm while experimenting with or encountering the telephone first and afterward taking the choice.



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