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Shah Rukh khan Work in Hollywood Movies Of One Condition

Shah Rukh khan work in Hollywood Movies of one Condition

Did you have to remember me Hollywood filmmaker Brad renter recently met Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan?

Of the Hollywood film ‘X-Man: show The Last Stand “director Brad renter with hopes of making a sequel of the meeting at the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival Shahrukh Khan, where he made his film’ rush hour.

He also offered to Shah Rukh Khan in the film.

And the film may be the Report that Shah Rukh Khan to give consent to work in the film

Shah Rukh Khan has only agreed to do the film and the film will be in India.

He said, “I have a request from Brad, that rush up shooting may be in India do or do not work in this film, maybe I do not act in the film as part of its production, but the shooting begins in India when it will be.

If Shah Rukh Khan agreed to act in this film will be his first film Hollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma plays the main character, which is busy with their own Bollywood movie shooting the ‘Rahnuma

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