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The 5 SmartPhone That Water Cannot Harm

If you use smartphones nowadays most people, but it is a problem which is not easy to avoid.

He smartphone deterioration of the cathedral in the water.

But several companies are developing such phones that can even swim with them, while Water-proof.

Learn about the phones here and nothing worse than falling into the water.

Samsung Galaxy S (S8) and S8 plus (S8 +)

Samsung said that the waterproof who introduced last month, S 8 and S 8 Plus, the 5-meter digital assistant at also working the phones for the first time Samsung in the water, snap dragonflies 835 processor and unlock the face There is equipped with features.

LG G-Six (G6)

LG G-Six battery replacement cannot but highlight is to be water proof and LG is the first time this feature is also equipped with has for its customers, while phone dual backup camera, while Google Assistant and equipped with 5.7-inch screen bezel is also noteworthy.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus (7+)

Apple first features Water Resistant their iPhones that a meter is not damaged in the water, while in Stereo Speaker, iOS tan and new Jet Black colors are notable features, and yes, the iPhone 7 Plus two cameras are also listed on the back.

Sony Xperia X Z

This phone 23-megapixel camera, snap dragonflies 820 processor and with a 5.2-inch HD display, but it is water and dust proof, a phone, a Sony, you take it in the swimming pool or five feet of water I will not spoiled anything.

Motorola Moto G Four (G4) and G Four plus (G4+)

Last year these phones Motorola was the waterproof feature is wonderful as is the motto of this year’s G-5, but it just cannot be dipped in water.

G4 plus 16 megapixels while the 13-megapixel camera and fingerprint reader is G4.


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