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WhatsApp Users At The End Of The Headache

The World’s Most Popular Messaging Application WhatsApp Now is a Big Headache To Users.

As you will be aware that WhatsApp account is linked to a specific phone number and the phone number is a big problem to change.

Users will have to do is to add a new number to your friends, or create a group chat with dozens of old No. announces change your number WhatsApp broadcast feature.

However, WhatsApp ‘Change Numbers’ feature has been tested in the beta version.

Through this feature, users will get the option to inform the notification to change the phone number of your friends.

Users will be free to tell the news to all your friends or selected individuals.

It features a Twitter account @WABetaInfo seen in beta version and is being tested in Windows Phone.

Since now it is difficult to say now how long the beta version that will be available to users.

The WhatsApp users will be able to delete the messages is working on a feature to send it back or after sending a message that they have to send a second mistake.

WhatsApp now has begun testing the new beta version of this feature.

And the good news is that WhatsApp would avoid embarrassment to delete messages sent during the giving customers time to 5 minutes.

However, you can not delete the message after 5 minutes.

The son has also testing another feature that can be formatted as text messages to the urn.

The users have to use different commands to format your messages.

Like text back and forth of the word to bold * have to strain to strain, while the _ front and back of the italicized word.

However, the commands are given options of format and WhatsApp users will now be able to bold, italic, underline, or strike through the text like Microsoft Word.

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