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Xiaomi Mi6 features like the Galaxy S8

Xiaomi Mi6 features like the Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S 8 the best Android phone is being made, However, the Chinese company introduced the device has similar features Xiaomi made which cost approximately 50 percent less than the South Korean phone.

Photo courtesy Xiaomi

Xiaomi Wednesday during a ceremony held on in Beijing introduced its new flagship phone 6.

5.15-inch Galaxy S 8 to snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB of storage, the 2 backup cameras 12 megapixel, dual stereo speakers,

with 3350 mAh battery, There are features like and Water Resistant,

Photo courtesy Xiaomi

The camera is also capable for the iPhone 7 Plus the camera has been as wide angle lens with telephoto lenses that claim because of the Company.

It can be considered the best phone available in the market at that price, depending on the features that the Galaxy S 8 can be tough at Tucker.

However, it features the company has given them cannot be tested until the final decision, but it can be better than the Samsung flagship phone thought.

His design is not pretty that’s like S 8 at the Basel equipped phone.

Photo courtesy Xiaomi


However, 2×2 dual feature of this phone has Wi-Fi, it is a technology that enables better connectivity and speed on wireless networks while it has also ultra-dark night mode to save sight.

The 6 GB and 64 GB storage the phone costs $363 dollars

The storage 128 GB phone for $421 dollars

And compared to the Galaxy S 8 $830 dollars

While Huawei P10 price is 696 dollars.

Xiaomi have introduced this edition of ceramics which cost 436 dollars

Now it will be offered for sale in Pakistan is not clear how long this phone.

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