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Ads consider introducing block feature on Google Chrome

Ads consider introducing block feature on Google Chrome

San Francisco: Google reports that the state of the gods in the internet world is thinking of introducing a feature to block ads on your Internet browser Chrome.

But the question is why would Google do?

Although people connected to the Google company has plans to introduce Ads Block feature on Chrome, but it’s still not clear when the company will get introduced to this feature.

The idea being to announce that Ads Block feature introduced Google Chrome in the coming weeks, but it is also possible that Google introduced some features of this feature.

Google has introduced more than they get more pop-up ads and other ways for users to access video including auto, which is unpopular among consumers, according to various surveys.

An estimated increase in sales of software and devices to block ads on Google Chrome only saw a 26 percent increase in earnings Ed Block software in the United States.

Do not pay by direct money from Google for some companies to block direct advertising on the Internet is also to prepare a software which Google ads could block, but the introduction of Google itself why Feature thinking?

This is better than the third-party control that Ads Block says people connected to Google that Google will own confidence to introduce this feature, users of the company.

However, Google has refused to discuss aid for the introduction of the block feature.

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and the Ads has increased the earnings generated by several software companies on the block.

Google wants to introduce itself also features the Ads Block, where it will aid the control of the block, their Ads Block software companies also will be ready to leave.

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