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Twitter Decided To Launch A Live News channel

Social networking site Twitter took for the partnered to launch the first direct news channel on our platform He is expected to meet the contract, Bloomberg.

American journal Wall’s Street officially announced on Twitter and Bloomberg to the measures according to a report by the General, the TV channels will broadcast seven days news 24 hours a week, but the channel’s name has come up.
It is expected that the channel will begin broadcasting in autumn this year.
Since last year said CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter in October that his company aims to become a news network.
Twitter has become the first mobile app to help sports news and the focus of media companies who have entered the world.
Most Twitter users that event seen on TV are trying to share it on Twitter if TV channel will miss the facilities will have to work hard to share it.
After the agreement, Bloomberg will prepare especially for Basque television news and will provide Twitter.
Bloomberg will also provide live news coverage of Twitter from its various bureaus around the world, plus the channel made from certified Twitter users will be able to broadcast reports.
Basque authorities believe that people who have not supported television than for some reason they are limited to the only mobile will be possible for them to television through the mobile access.

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