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Also Possible to Cover the Video on Facebook

If your Facebook profile picture to the video feature will be used, but the core may use any photo.

Yes, Facebook has quietly introduced submit videos to feature on the cover photo, but it is currently limited to the pages.

Facebook can use this to verify that they are testing a feature that a Facebook page running under the cover photo of the videos.
Facebook was not always that people will help provide social media seeking more ways to connect and pages our customers a better experience with this new feature.
Said in a statement that is being tested to upload cover pages to this video.
However, Facebook has not said that it will be introduced for general users or not.
This feature had a Twitter user who made the first Vlad Claus increase in this regard.
If I can put the videos in general consumer profile which method is it.
iPhone, after you click on the profile photo ‘Take a New Profile Video’ or select a profile, is to select the video option.
However, Android will first click on your profile photo and then ‘Take a select New Profile Video’ option in your phone and choose a video.


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