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iPhone 8 before the year is not expected

If bad news is that this year, Apple will not be offered for sale on the popular device as possible if you intend to buy the iPhone 8.

Yes, the iPhone is likely to delay the introduction of the fingerprint sensor at which part of the screen or production problems with the new companies.

Even Apple is still pending prone to production schedule which did not match their flagship design.

As reported in the bezel design with the new iPhone that has come before, and LED display, wireless charging, is likely to be agminate reality and several other new additions.

But now it has emerged that due to these changes and other issues before the new iPhone will not be viewable from the beginning of 2018.

The main components shortages and technical challenges iPhone may encounter delays in the reports presented to the iPhone this year.

Before any such reports which have come before it claimed that this year is expected to introduce iPhone delay he is the first time it is being said that this year they will not be present.

he first to introduce the iPhone are now being 10 years and is expected to completely redesign the device offered by Apple on this occasion.

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