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There was the risk-mail software for Android phones

If bad news is that if you use the Android Smartphone The devices that can target the mail software that rescue is not possible.

Internet security experts have discovered the weakness of Android users that may affect 40%.

If the user finds the opportunity to hijack their phone screen to become a victim of hackers’ mail software.

Google is aware of the problem of Android phones, but it says that the Android OS will be addressed in the new version of the company’s mobile operating system.

Unfortunately, the Android will be introduced during the fourth quarter of this year and then it would come until 2018 in different phones and it’s not guaranteed that run on devices Android marshmallows in it upgrade or not.

The mail app on Android phones to threaten the security company Check Point discovered.

The Android 6.0.1 marshmallows and can affect phones running the above version that 38.3% of the users are.

The company has emerged as the problem was due to new permission model apps to Google over the Android 6.0.1 operating system and manual permission to above.

Check Point said hackers can be used to screen for desktop mail software can carry a number of benefits, such as fraud and other available advertising while ransom software.

The company is not a threat, but it can be quite dangerous for consumers. It has been a few days ago it was reported that the Google Play Store apps at least 40 viruses called Falls Guide which affect millions of users.

The company claimed that the virus has so far infected Falls Guide 6 million users and 20 million devices worldwide.

Check Point had identified the virus in the Google Play store in January, the company had also issued a list of mobile apps in its report in January, which were found.

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