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iPhone 8 Wireless charging feature

There are still several months before Apple’s new iPhone, but news of his hand constantly emerging.

And a report will be the first time Apple at its new iPhone or whatever her name is, is going to introduce wireless charging feature.

Reinforces the reports that have been received and that Apple eventually becomes a member of the Wireless Power Consortium and looks like it will be with the new iPhone wireless charging feature.

If no new Samsung wireless charging other phones, etc. But Apple was careful enough with regard to this feature.

In fact, wireless battery charging feature can also cause harm in the long term, especially if the technical issues should be handled properly.

Apple’s not one or two but is likely to be held in September this year introduced three different iPhone models at which iPhone, iPhone be called iPhone Pro Plus Eight.

Now it will be said to feature wireless charging of the three phones that are difficult or add it to a device.

They will call the new Apple iPhone which edge or border is likely to be equipped with a screen, so most of it can contain glass.

It also can be amulet display the Home button, which will be the first device to Apple will say goodbye to the headphone jack.

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