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What is the secret of success in the eyes of Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is the richest person in the world with assets of more than $ 85 billion, but are believed to be the secret of their success?

The 61-year-old founder of Microsoft is aware of their secrets for youth to succeed in life.
The social networking Web site Twitter Bill Gates share lessons of life that they could reach us here.
He also said the youth can set a good career advice, Artie facial intelligence, energy and biosciences are the areas where you are in effect, if this takes place, if you own them today. He said that different types of intelligence and not a direction, but it was not as important as the idea.
In another tweet, he wrote, was the knowledge that I have more than your age, you can start against inequality, whether they’re across the street or in the corner of the world.
He said, citing the secret of success, challenge you to gather yourself around people you like, that you teach and incite you to figure out the best in themselves, Melinda Gates did for me “
But the money does not bring happiness in their life, like Warren but I check what your pleasure That is close to me and loves me, and I have made the difference for the other.
Finally, he wrote: “This is the most peaceful time in human history because it is important. If you think that may be the best you will spread to more people and places development, not mean that serious ignore problems, I mean it You believe that you can solve them, this is my way of looking at the world, it has strengthened me in difficult times, and that’s why I love my job, can I also work for you Is’.

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