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WhatsApp to make quick updates

Famous know who use the messaging app WhatsApp, when a group of chat or to contact some people on the list that I keep sending constant messages the day of his messages of some important people in the alert is likely to grow.

But you will not encounter this problem.

Yes, the world’s most popular messaging service has launched a new feature that will make it easier for you to manage chats.

This feature was introduced to test the beta version of WhatsApp earlier this month, but now it is available for normal users.

According to a statement released by the WhatsApp chats will not have to worry about scrolling to pin to our long list of long discussions of his family or friends, now users to pin chats three groups or persons of your choice you can keep up.

The chat will be pinned to the people, they were always messages will show up on the list, why not even received countless messages of other users.

As you can see in the animated picture.

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Delete a chat user will have to take some time to chat to pin down, after which the top bar, display and archive logo pin logo with Mayotte.

Hold the pin chat, after which came to the PIN option.

If you want to use this feature and not available on this phone should immediately go to update your app on Google Play.


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