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Intel announced he surprised the world

US multinational technology company Intel announced the introduction of credit-card sized computer and surprised the world.

In Computex 2017 conference in Taipei, where Intel has introduced X-Series 18-core PC, where the company also announced that astonished the world.

The company announced in August, compute card will be introduced, which will not be less than the size of a credit and ATM cards, but anyway you work with the desktop PC.

The length of Intel’s compute cards 94.5, width 55 and thickness will only be 5 mm, but the 4 GB of RAM and the 128 GB of storage, which is any greater than or equal to a smartphone.

This card-sized PC, it will highlight the speed of the mobile phone and the desktop computer will be more than or equal to.

The company will offer 4 different models to compute card, the same size, but the speed will separate.

Compute cards including the option to connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other devices.

According to the company’s computer engineers, professionals and experts will arrive beneficiaries and all your stuff will travel with a computer and the computer will remain in their pockets.

The other products and devices, including Intel, compute card companies will introduce their partner Lenovo, HP and Dell share.

Intel also announced the conference on its future products, but it is not its partner the first week of the conference, an announcement from the companies.

The conference will continue until next 3 June.

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