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NASA, ‘a mission to touch the sun

The US space agency NASA has announced to launch next year mission of touching the ‘sun’.

During the ceremony held in honor of astronomy physics expert Professor Eugene Parker in Chicago NASA announced that a mission in the summer of 2018, the sun will be sent.

The mission called Solar Probe Plus will be and will be within the solar atmosphere that will make its orbit at a distance of 40 million miles from the sun’s surface.

Something that you will have to face extreme heat and Radiation investment over 10 feet tall space shuttle, its mission sent by NASA that man is not made before.

This will be the first mission to be sent so close to the sun by the man whose purpose is to uncover the secrets of the solar system, learn the physics of stars and to get more information about Sun to answer questions related to the Earth and Solar System could be achieved.

This is the first NASA mission ever sent to the sun, which will have to withstand temperatures up to 5 million degrees Celsius where the outer atmosphere of the sun will be the ‘Corona’.

Space Shuttle will be specifically covered by the 5-inch-thick sheet of carbon composite solar ready so that they can withstand the sharp rays of the sun.

Remember that the first mission of NASA Sending the stars NASA has’ Parker solar probe by changing your mission called Solar Probe Plus “aimed expert bodies Physics Professor Eugene Parker services is acknowledged.

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