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Google app helpful to know the direction of Qibla

You will provide a place I want to know the Qibla direction and prayer support for Google’s new Android app, it’s very easy.

Ramadan Google determines the direction of Qibla Finder “We have introduced an app that uses the House agyumntd reality technology.

It is used to determine the direction of the compass app mobile phone camera at a House Mind and tells the user’s current location is to be read from prayer.

Do you think it is that go through your smartphone browser and rotate the camera here and there does not appear until the House symbol floating in space?

Which is currently not available for the iOS app users do not feature in the agyumntd reality.

But no Android phone in compass feature, the app still does not work correctly.

Google’s goal is to facilitate the service of the Muslim month of Ramadan.

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