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5 bad habits for health in Ramadan

The Ramadan is going to end its fast, where some people benefit from this month, there are many people who make their health worse by mistake.

The eating habits of Ramadan also increase, which may seem to have a negative impact on the skin, but it is not late, it can be prevented from repeating one mistake if it is estimated in one week.

Here are a few reasons for which you are getting serious tips on your skin in Ramadan, and will not repeat them again.

1- Do not be patient

It is very difficult to sleep with a sleeping time, but all know how our food cycle works in Ramadan, when you leave the graveyard, eat it properly in 24 hours, and it is not okay. When you do not eat your body, your skin will die.

2- Drink cold drinks in thoughts

Fasting is the first food after all day and during this time cold drinking drinks can face face-to-face, that is why use of infrared water or limo water is excellent.

3- Exercise after fasting

If you have a favorite exercise to exercise, then let it know that it is not right for your health immediately after fasting, the system of our body changes in Ramadan and exercise after fasting can also cause trouble in bones. Is.

It is better to do the exercise before the season.

4- The use of salt in Ramadan

The dishes used in Ramadan are used very much, then whether it is peeled, or salty lace, but it may reduce water in the body and due to lack of water starts drying.

Use the maximum nail for it to increase potassium in the body.

5- Gold after fasting and fasting

Gold is harmful to not only in Ramadan but immediately after some food at any time.
This habit in Ramadan can prove to be more harmful because our body gets too late after eating.
This habit can lead to weight loss and heart diseases.

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