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Would you like to eat Bombay Briani?

India is the only rival country, but there is no doubt that many traditions of Pakistan and India are the same.

In the culture of both countries, where unity is seen, there are many things in the two countries’ foods.

Foods from Bombay and Delhi are from Karachi to Lahore and from Rawalpindi to the Quetta, and are also made in many places.

But the reputation of Bombay Briani, he has not received other food items in India.

When Pakistan was one in the subcontinent, in some time, Sindh was linked to Bombay, how it came to the recent Pakistani region of Bombay Bribe it is a historical debate.

But if it is said that if the Bombay Bribery is important in all types of Briyani in Pakistan, then it will not be wrong.

Bombay is also built in bridal houses, and it also likes eating heroki.

Preparing Bombay Bribery is not such a big task, as many people think.

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