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Text formatting in WhatsApp is now very easy

If you use the WatsApp on Android Smartphone, the good news is that this messaging application has made it easy for you to format text.

Yes, if the text had to reverse the *, _ or ~ marks to throw padded, italic or striking, throws first, then it would not have to be done.

Instead, this process is now more convenient and friendly.

This new update has been updated in the Watsapp, just update the app and then follow the procedure to text format.

Now after typing your message on the Watsapp after pressing it before pressing it, you will have a pop-up menu in front of you, with the option of bold, italic and streak throw, will also be available with copy paste.

It will make simple update text formatting more popular in users.

Similarly, Watsapp has also added the IMU search option.

Now this app will advise the imaging related to typing a word.

The Watsapp is expected to spend more time in this application for consumers to make a better experience.

It is clear that both of these features are currently available to Android users and are not introduced to the IOS.

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