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Charging the battery all night is harmful

Most people put their smartphones on charge before charging and make it habitually.

The smartphone battery always seems to be over and over, and charging during sleeping gives full charge of the device when people wake up.

But often doing this negatively impact on lithium-ion batteries.

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But due to this, not charging the phone all night, night, but experts said smartphones are actually smart and they know when charging should be stopped.

There are chips in Android phones and iPhones that do not absorb additional power curves when the battery is charged.

The charger should not be worried about the charge of charging the phone from the official charger overnight, however, the fact also damages the battery of the habitual phone.

Most phones are designed to accept as fast as the electrical current, which helps reduce the time of charging.

However, when the flow of freight continuously leads to one direction, it causes battery damage.

It’s okay when you’ve decided to change the phone one year, but for a long time, the gradual battery life starts getting smaller.

According to experts, when you keep your device on high-speed charging, the battery life ends soon.

They advised that if you want to run your phone for the maximum time, use the charger as a low-powered device.

Similarly, make sure the phone’s battery does not have high heat because the temperature increases pressure on which they start to get worse.

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