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Are you charging smartphones properly?

We feel that the battery of our smartphone is very bad because it can hardly reach one day.

But because of this, not our device but we are ourselves who always charge it wrongly.

Yes, most of us believe that charging more damages batteries on a long-term basis, that is why we charge them at the same time when it is near to die.

But by doing so we are literally damaging the battery.

A Battery University has said that the batteries of our smartphones are as sensitive as us, more stress is harmful to them and eliminates battery life.

So let’s know a few things that are necessary to improve battery life.

Do not let the charger stop when you’re charged

According to the Battery University, the charging of the entire charge for the whole night, even after the full charge of the phone, is definitely destructive for the battery on a long-term basis.

When our smartphone charges up to 100 percent and still remains on the charger, the stack increases on the battery or say that it implies a lot of conflicts, resulting in its life.

So when the battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger, it is as if muscles are relaxed after severe exercise, imagine yourself if you exercise for a couple of hours for a while.

Do not charge battery up to hundred percent

According to the Battery University, Lithium ion batteries do not have to be fully charged, but it is actually better if they do not charge them completely, due to which there is a high voltage stack in the battery that damages on a long-term basis.

So apply the battery on the charge and take it out after some time, there is no break in it.

When you get the opportunity, call the phone on charge

It’s better to keep smartphones on charge anytime throughout the day, even when it’s completely empty and used for a long time.

According to Battery University, charge your phone at the same time when its battery has decreased by 10 percent, it is not possible for most people, so whenever you have a chance to place a smartphone on the plug, phone several times a day. There is no problem charging.

This will not only improve the performance of the battery, but its charge throughout the day will not be affected.

Keep the battery cool

Smartphone battery is very sensitive to the heat, when you apply it on a charge, remove the case (so that the battery cannot heat). Not necessarily to be removed from all

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types of cases, however, if you feel that the device becomes hot during charging, then remove the case. If you are roaming out in the hot weather, keep the phone home so that the battery can be protected.

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