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Top 6 Powerful battery with smartphones

Top 6 Smartphones are like everyone nowadays, but the biggest problem of these devices is their batteries whose charging ends soon, especially at the time of need.

Usually, a smartphone uses a hard drive in moderate use, but if you use it most often it has to be charged.

After charging more, batteries also become weak after charging and their charge is over and over, and the battery does not work to eliminate the purpose of the battery.

However, if you want battery life smartphones, the following mentioned mention of devices that run for longer or so that they do not end soon than their other.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Galaxy Plus is a huge and elegant phone of 6.2 inches, in which the new features are introduced by Samsung for the first time and they have a long battery life. Tests from different experts showed that its battery usage runs smoothly for 18 hours, meaning it can drag even for two days on moderate use.S8 P

Motorola Moto Z play

This mobile phone is one of the medium-sized cheap devices, a great feature of its battery is a good average. The battery of this phone can be used for more than 23 hours, once used continuously for charging, that battery can remain alive for two and a half days on moderate use.

Samsung Galaxy A7

This phone is like Galaxy S7 but there is a lot of appreciation compared to its value, with the Android Marsh Milo operating system, it is a water resort like a S7 but its battery is good enough to use it on continuous use. The average of 22 hours is.

Huawei Mate 9

This large-screen smartphone is very powerful with the 960 octa-core processor with its camera too, but its battery is 4000 mAh, which is used for continuous use for a half-a-half hour with continuous use while using moderate use. There is no need to charge until day

One plus three T

The flagship company of the Chinese company called an iPhone Clerks is worth $ 439, which is cheaper than the iPhone, which has powerful sniper dragons 821 processors, its battery is also powerful that can be used for up to 16 hours on continuous use. Works

Gionee M2017

However, when the power of the most powerful battery phone, the Chinese company cannot compete with Gionee M2017, which has a 7000 MAH battery, which can take several days, but once for a week to be charged. The company claims that this phone can be talked up to 32 hours and video can be seen up to 26 hours, while it is normal for the phone to run for a week.

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