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Want to charge your smartphone faster?

Listen or not, but the battery of most smartphones does not last until the morning is charged and it has to be re-installed on the charger.

And it is often believed to be a smartphone for battery charging for a short time.

But it is not true, charging the battery throughout the night is always fine, but damages the performance on a long-term basis, according to CADEX, a company manufactured by smartphone batteries.

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According to the company, Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged and do not have a full charge due to the lead acid available in them, in fact, do not charge the full charge as it causes stress on the voltage of the battery.

Just remove the phone from the charger or you do not leave the charger overnight in words when the phone is charged.

The company advised that charging the battery for a while, charge for a short time and make any schedule according to your busy schedule.

Similarly, some suggestions were given to speed up the battery.

Use the wall charger instead of charging wires, it is more profitable.

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Charging the airplane mode while charging, it helps to accelerate the charging process.

Similarly, do not turn the screen on the screen while charging the phone or avoiding opening it because it costs battery power and increases the time of charging.

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