Friday , December 15 2017
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Charging the battery all night is harmful

Most people put their smartphones on charge before charging and make it habitually. The smartphone battery always seems to be over and over, and charging during sleeping gives full charge of the device when people wake up. But often doing this negatively impact on lithium-ion batteries. read more:Top 6 Powerful …

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Battery less mobile phone Invention

Using a mobile phone is now needed, but every person needs to be, but it becomes a big problem if your phone’s battery is over at any time of difficulty.   To avoid the same problem, US specialists have invented a mobile phone that runs without a battery. According to …

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NASA, ‘a mission to touch the sun

The US space agency NASA has announced to launch next year mission of touching the ‘sun’. During the ceremony held in honor of astronomy physics expert Professor Eugene Parker in Chicago NASA announced that a mission in the summer of 2018, the sun will be sent. The mission called Solar …

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Intel announced he surprised the world

US multinational technology company Intel announced the introduction of credit-card sized computer and surprised the world. In Computex 2017 conference in Taipei, where Intel has introduced X-Series 18-core PC, where the company also announced that astonished the world. The company announced in August, compute card will be introduced, which will …

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iPhone 8 Wireless charging feature

There are still several months before Apple’s new iPhone, but news of his hand constantly emerging. And a report will be the first time Apple at its new iPhone or whatever her name is, is going to introduce wireless charging feature. Reinforces the reports that have been received and that …

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IPhone 8 most expensive phone

Apple is likely to be offered from 3 new mobile phones in September this year but may delay the introduction of these mobiles. But experts have now eased from the beginning to the analysis of three new mobile phones to the iPhone, including the iPhone 8 Apple has been the …

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