Monday , January 1 2018
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Charging the battery all night is harmful

Most people put their smartphones on charge before charging and make it habitually. The smartphone battery always seems to be over and over, and charging during sleeping gives full charge of the device when people wake up. But often doing this negatively impact on lithium-ion batteries. read more:Top 6 Powerful …

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Google app helpful to know the direction of Qibla

You will provide a place I want to know the Qibla direction and prayer support for Google’s new Android app, it’s very easy. Ramadan Google determines the direction of Qibla Finder “We have introduced an app that uses the House agyumntd reality technology. It is used to determine the direction …

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Intel announced he surprised the world

US multinational technology company Intel announced the introduction of credit-card sized computer and surprised the world. In Computex 2017 conference in Taipei, where Intel has introduced X-Series 18-core PC, where the company also announced that astonished the world. The company announced in August, compute card will be introduced, which will …

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Instagram stole also features a snap chat

Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram launched the stolen last major feature of snap chat. Get the Self-burns Instagram filters snap chat has introduced a new feature called Face Filters in which people can decorate photos or videos via your faces spring, crown or other effects. However, to use this feature …

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