Monday , December 11 2017

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Text formatting in WhatsApp is now very easy

If you use the WatsApp on Android Smartphone, the good news is that this messaging application has made it easy for you to format text. Yes, if the text had to reverse the *, _ or ~ marks to throw padded, italic or striking, throws first, then it would not …

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Jumanji 2: video game based on board game

The Hollywood movie released in 1995, “Jumanji” was a movie made on a board game, in which two children started playing this game and entered its world and now the second part of the movie is going to be released. Absolutely different The movie ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’ was …

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Battery less mobile phone Invention

Using a mobile phone is now needed, but every person needs to be, but it becomes a big problem if your phone’s battery is over at any time of difficulty.   To avoid the same problem, US specialists have invented a mobile phone that runs without a battery. According to …

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5 amazing ways that to guard Your pc from Viruses and Malware

1.Install an Antivirus Software Antivirus package is that the first line of defense for any computer out there on internet andwhereasnot it your ar take really huge risk of your precious information and files. though Windows package have gotten abundant and much secure when time however hackers will still notice …

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