Friday , December 15 2017

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India beat Pakistan became the Champion of Champions Trophy

London: India-Pakistan achieved the distinction of becoming the first Champions Trophy defeat by 180 runs in the Champions Trophy final. Was against archrivals India and Pakistan in respect of the final event in the game in England and Wales, where India won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first. …

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One bitcoin too expensive 5 Tola Gold

Twenty-May 2010 were 10 thousand units spend a technology developer anonymous digital currency Bitcoin for the most people to buy pizza, but so worth bitcoins today has exceeded 2 million dollars How is it possible, as you are aware that the current era of technology The Internet world has been …

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Google app helpful to know the direction of Qibla

You will provide a place I want to know the Qibla direction and prayer support for Google’s new Android app, it’s very easy. Ramadan Google determines the direction of Qibla Finder “We have introduced an app that uses the House agyumntd reality technology. It is used to determine the direction …

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3 Nokia smartphones will be available next week

Nokia has three new Android smartphones for the global market for several years after they were introduced in February this year. From Finland with the company during the 3310 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that was presented three new Android phones. And the good news is that now they are …

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NASA, ‘a mission to touch the sun

The US space agency NASA has announced to launch next year mission of touching the ‘sun’. During the ceremony held in honor of astronomy physics expert Professor Eugene Parker in Chicago NASA announced that a mission in the summer of 2018, the sun will be sent. The mission called Solar …

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